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How to get the best insurance rates when you are a wedding planner

Part of the responsibility of owning a home is having insurance coverage. Home insurance is usually a requirement of a mortgage contract. It protects both the homeowner and the lender in case of a disaster that damages the home. Home insurance usually offers protection from things like floods,
tornados and fire. Home insurance will help pay for repairs or should the home be completely lost, will pay off the mortgage.

Securing home insurance is not too difficult. There are many factors to consider, though. Insurance companies will look at many different aspects when deciding the amount of the insurance. They will consider the location of the home. If it is in a high crime area, rates may be higher since the risk of a break in may be high. If the home has a pool, the rates may be higher since the liability for injury is higher. If the homeowner owns a vicious dog, the rates may go up since the dog is a liability. If the home is in a flood plain, then rates would be higher. However, they also make considerations which can lower the rates. If the home has recently been remodelled then rates may be lowered. If the home is close to a fire department then rates are lower. All of these varying factors will come together to make the insurance quote.

The homeowner can do some things to get a lower rate. They cannot change things like the home’s location, but they can get things updated on the home or remove an unused swimming pool or trampoline. They can also request a higher deductible. The insurance agent may have some suggestions as well on what things can be done to get a lower rate.

Another good idea is for a homeowner to learn how to use their insurance. Overusing the policy can cause problems, raising rates. For example, if a person has a R5 000 deductible then reporting a R2 000 damage claim is not a reasonable idea. Every time a claim is reported, even if the insurance company doesn’t pay out, it is noted and will eventually be reflected in the policy premiums.

What kind of risks should party planners look at when choosing insurance?

Other things to consider are in the details. It is smart to ensure the home insurance policy only covers reasonable risks. For example, a person who lives in Johannesburg would not likely ever need earthquake coverage. Dropping this coverage could save a bit of money. Additionally most insurance companies have a range of discounts. A person should look into how to get these discounts. Above all, to get the home insurance rates a person should shop around and compare different quotes before making a decision on which insurance company to go with. Getting a combined car and home insurance policy would be ideal.

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