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Photo … It is said that this is the letter that the Light wrote. And today, when Color took its place in this art form, the photo remains the same work of Light passed through the prism of the human soul.

I am of the opinion that any photo – artistic, wedding, family, advertising, model – is not just a protocol reflection of reality surrounding us. Artistic photo session is a reflection of the soul of the Photographer himself. If you look at the work of this or that photographer, you will always understand what kind of person he is, what he feels, what he lives.

Therefore, I always strive to depict in my works feelings, moods, thoughts, desires.

Wedding photographer Kiev advises

There is a good tradition – to be photographed at various events, be it a wedding photo, family photo, portrait, corporate party, etc. How to prepare for photography, especially if it’s a wedding photo session to make the photo as successful as possible?

To date, the services of professional photographers are used quite often. After all, even the best amateur shooting can not be compared with professional shooting done on a mirror camera and processed in Photoshop, especially if it is the best photographer in Kiev. And if before, such services were most often used by models, today wedding photos are ordered by newlyweds, families with young children and all those who want to have a high-quality and beautiful photo.

Photographer for the wedding Kiev recommends

In order to make the photo session as good as possible, and we got high-quality photos, we need to prepare for it. For this:

1. Start preparing for the shooting in a few days. Before shooting, it is worth to sleep well, so that the face is fresh. And that under the eyes there were no swelling, do not eat salty and drink less water.

2. Visit the beauty salon, so that hair color, hairstyle, make-up, manicure and other details of the exterior were normal. Deep cleansing of the skin is best done 2 weeks before filming, so that there are no unforeseen results in the form of redness and rashes. Although computer technology and properly exposed light can eliminate the shortcomings and flaws of the skin, but completely remove all defects is not always possible, and it takes a lot of time.

3. That the photographer was easier to navigate, tell briefly what you want – what photos are needed. It can be just a portrait shot or wedding photos, or maybe a more artistic thematic work.

4. Think in full your image or consult with a photographer, choose in advance clothes, accessories, ornaments.

5. Do not invite other people to the photo session, unless they are expected to participate. You can be stuck in front of them and hesitate to pose.

6. And most importantly – it’s your positive and good mood, then any shot will succeed!

The studio works with such world-famous photo-releases as Shutterstock, iStockRhoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia (USA), Lori (Russia) and many others.

On the site, in addition to the services of the studio, we will also acquaint you with new interesting directions and works in the world of photography.

Look, read, call, order photo sessions.

Yours faithfully,

Yuri Yeliseyev.

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